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The GPA for Certified Coins Annual Report for 2007 is now available. The report extends the GPA Monthly Reports available to subscribers and analyzes certified coin trades for the whole of 2007. Access the report now for free.


Largest database of publicly traded certified coins
Buying or selling?  You now have the best possible information at your fingertips:  GPA for Coins provides the most comprehensive data available anywhere, period!  Records covering over a decade of trading are being added to daily.

  Analyze coin sale and trends
Sophisticated reporting and analysis ensures that vast amounts of data provide you instant feedback on performance and trends.  In addition to looking up an individual coin, Kwik Stats and Market Reports provide extensive summary reporting covering a category or timeframe.
  Chart trends like never before
Would you like to change the date range, overlay with the corresponding precious metal data or even omit a single sale from a chart? No problem. A highly customizable interface, and many options available, allows for information to be displayed specific to your requirements, giving you real value.
  Manage your portfolio and instantly value your collection
With a a few mouse clicks, add your transactions into your own personal MyCoins section. From here, manage your portfolio, analyze coin sales, and force valuations on specific coins. With top line reporting per category, MyCoins is your window to instant market performance.

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Colonial (6,312)
Half Cents (7,529)
Large Cents (16,885)
Small Cents (130,835)
Two & Three Cents (17,779)
Nickels (98,540)
Half Dimes (11,524)
Dimes (88,455)
Twenty Cents (2,455)
Quarters (131,553)
Half Dollars (157,316)
Silver Dollars (291,060)
Presidential Dollars (16,893)
Gold Dollars (11,452)
$2-1/2 Gold (27,122)
$3 & $4 Gold (5,356)
$5 Gold (33,227)
$10 Gold (33,445)
$20 Gold (76,584)
Presidential Spouse (6,389)
Miscellaneous (104,460)

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 Coin News
Coin News updated daily, provides local and global articles on all issues relating to the rare coins.
Goldbergs Offer Millennia Collection ...
1838-O Sale Mystery of 1989 Unraveled
1927 Big Year for Cent
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 Kwik Stats - Monthly Summary - Apr 30
GPA Kwik Stats gives you instant (or "kwik") summary info including Top 10 Sellers, certified market overview, and current and previous total sales breakdowns.
Total Sales:
Top Price Paid:
Total Coins Traded:
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